The official Rend servers are online. Please share your game feedback and bug reports with us!

[COMPLETE] Official Servers Moving Hardware: December 12 @ 3:00 PM PST (UTC-8)

Rend Early Access warriors, we must briefly interrupt your battles!

The following official servers will be moving to new hardware beginning at 3:00 PM PST (UTC-8) on Wednesday, December 12 as part of our continuing efforts to improve server stability:
  • EU - Odin's Bane
  • EU - Freya's Grove
  • SEA - Flintheart
  • SEA - Nightfall
  • SEA - Bloodstone
  • SA - Cloudcaller
  • SA - Oakflame
  • SA - Worldseer
  • RUS - Dragonroot
  • RUS - Hammerfell
  • RUS - Rockgiant
  • RUS - Skald's Tale
  • RUS - Crowthorne

This downtime is estimated to take between 30-45 minutes. Thanks for your patience and for supporting Rend!


  • While this maintenance was originally called complete last night, we've been monitoring our SA and RUS official servers that are taking longer than expected to complete the migration and update.

    Our engineering team is actively looking into the cause of the delay. Sorry for the extended downtime!
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