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Rend PTR Patch 7 - Patch Notes

Note: These PTR patch notes for Patch 7 are preliminary and may be updated as necessary.

Patch 7 introduces a number of gameplay and quality-of-life features that we’ve been working on in parallel with the Patch 6 series including the Warehouse system, a dodging mechanic for players, a new map layout, and our first pass on artifacts and relics. We’ll have full feature articles published for these features but a brief overview can be found in the patch notes here.

  • New Map
    • A new map with narrower corridors and tighter biome spaces has been implemented.
    • This map is designed to increase player collision chances by funneling players into smaller areas.
  • Warehouse
    • Each faction stronghold now has a Warehouse which stores raw resources that all faction members can access by spending Favor (previously Warehouse Credit).
    • Favor is a new currency earned by depositing resources into the Warehouse or Armory.
    • The Armory functions in a similar way, only with armor and weapons instead of resources.
    • Mousing over Favor in your inventory displays more details.
  • Artifacts
    • We’ve added a small number of initial artifacts to the game.
    • They can be found in the mystical chests that fall from the sky.
  • Storage containers are no longer able to be placed in the faction stronghold.
    • Containers in the faction stronghold provided a false sense of safety of storage.
    • This along with the addition of the Warehouse should massively curtail possible negative player behavior.
  • Added stunned animations for players and creatures.
  • Updated the visuals for the Hunting Lodge, Construction, and Mysticism buildings.
  • Adjusted armor and health values on all armor pieces.
    • Armor now has a stat budget per slot: stats on a full set of armor remain at the same total budget.
    • Chest and leg armor got more stats while head, shoulder, hand, and foot armor lost some stats to compensate.
    • Increased armor effectiveness at low-mid levels.
    • Adjusted creature damage to scale to the new armor values.
  • Greatly increased the sound generated by firing weapons.
  • Removed weapons from the Grunter Belly loot table.
  • Removed Othershrooms and Elixirs from the Wolf Belly loot table.
  • Increased noise generated by harvesting trees.
  • Tuned audio to be more positional for better player spatial awareness through sound.
  • Forceful Swing (Metallurgy) stacks are now removed when swapping tools or dying.
  • Bear Traps now affect creatures (as intended).
  • Slightly decreased the overall effectiveness of structure armor per point.
  • Players can no longer aim down sight (right-click with weapon) while stunned or disarmed.
  • Can now drink from water pools while at full Hydration.
  • Added scaling damage to turret tiers.
  • Drinking from water pools now has a cooldown.
  • Stealth (Assassin) now incurs a 10 second cooldown upon leaving Stealth.
  • Elixir of Stoneskin now increases armor by 100 (was 20%).
  • Elixir of Steelskin now increases armor by 200 (was 50%).
  • Increased Bronze Wall Brace armor from 100 to 200.
  • Increased Steel Wall Brace armor from 200 to 250.
  • Increased Roughwood Foundation armor from 0 to 200.
  • Increased Hardwood Foundation armor from 25 to 400.
  • Increased Ironfir Foundation armor from 50 to 600.
  • Increased Runeoak Foundation armor from 75 to 800.
  • Increased Roughwood Wall Foundation armor from 0 to 200.
  • Increased Hardwood Wall Foundation armor from 0 to 400.
  • Increased Ironfir Wall Foundation armor from 0 to 600.
  • Increased Runeoak Wall Foundation armor from 0 to 800.
  • Increased Crumblestone Foundation armor from 50 to 500.
  • Increased Cragstone Foundation armor from 75 to 600.
  • Increased Granite Foundation armor from 100 to 900.
  • Increased Aesirok Foundation armor from 150 to 1200.
  • Increased Crumblestone Foundation armor from 0 to 500.
  • Increased Cragstone Foundation armor from 0 to 600.
  • Increased Granite Foundation armor from 0 to 900.
  • Increased Aesirok Foundation armor from 0 to 1200.
  • Increased T1 wood structures armor from 0 to 50.
  • Increased T2 wood structures armor from 25 to 50.
  • Increased T3 wood structures armor from 50 to 100.
  • Increased T4 wood structures armor from 100 to 150.
  • Increased T1 stone structures armor from 50 to 100.
  • Increased T2 stone structures armor from 100 to 150.
  • Increased T3 stone structures armor from 100 to 150.
  • Increased T4 stone structures armor from 150 to 250.
  • Reduced bomb fuse timers from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • Reduced Wood Siege Bomb damage from 250 to 150.
  • Reduced Bronze Siege Bomb damage from 750 to 300.
  • Reduced Iron Siege Bomb damage from 2500 to 500.
  • Reduced Divinite Siege Bomb damage from 5000 to 1000.
Crafting and Research
  • The research button is now disabled for any research that you do not have enough materials for and those already completed.
  • Changed how required crafting tables are generated for tooltips. These should now more accurately display the requisite crafting table.
  • Reduced brightness of Hardwood texture to help it visually mix better with other structures.
  • Removed faction reputation locked containers.
  • Added clan reputation locked containers.
  • Increased the rate at which resources respawn.
  • Sticky Sap and Hardened Resin now have the same weight.
  • Raw meat will no longer auto-equip to the hotbar.
  • Placeables that can be picked up now maintain their health percentage, reflected in the durability of the item when placed in inventory.
  • Increased durability of all placeable items.
  • Removed crafting failure chance from Simple Bow.
  • Buildings now maintain their health percentage when they upgrade.
  • Added faction stronghold building frames and upgrades to the Warehouse, Stash, Armory, Spirit Stables, and Forgeworks.
  • Made faction stronghold building frames not demolishable.
  • Removed Armory research.
  • Removed first Spirit Stables research.
  • Updating Classic and Exploration game modes to remove research that references non-factionless items.
  • Ironsiege and Arrowbreaker no longer require Yxenthread to repair.
  • Added new music to Hearthholm and Stagswood.
  • Heartholm
    • Ursa can now be stunned by damaging them enough during their roar.
  • Stagswood
    • Wargs
      • Drastically increased sight range.
      • Greatly increased hearing perception, beware of making loud noises.
      • Considerably increased ability to land attacks.
      • Increased wander radius.
      • Increased stalking movement speed.
      • Increased ability to track and stay on a player while in combat.
      • Slightly decreased run speed to allow players to escape easier.
      • Slightly decreased bite damage.
      • Decreased overall damage output.
    • Ursas
      • Greatly increased wander radius.
      • Slightly increased hearing perception.
    • Draaks
      • Greatly increased wander radius.
      • Slightly increased hearing perception.
      • Increased Banshee wander radius.
  • Highlands
    • Yxen
      • Greatly increased hearing perception. Yxen are now very curious of loud sounds.
      • Increased wander radius.
    • Jotuns
      • Greatly increased wake up radius.
      • Added large footstep sounds. You will know when death is coming for you.
      • Slightly increased visual perception.
    • Greatly increased Roc wander radius.
    • Increased Hammerskull wander radius.
    • Adjusted Roc and Yxen pack composition to be easier (fewer adults and smaller packs).
    • Increased ambient temperature around the Highlands Control Point.
  • Myrkfen
    • Reduced the duration of Fetid Water stacks to 15 seconds.
    • Increased the requisite stack count of Fetid Water to 30 before applying a disease.
    • Glutts
      • Added ranged spit attack, beware of getting hit by it.
      • Slightly increased wander radius.
    • Allidons
      • Slightly increased wander radius.
      • Slightly increased hearing radius.
    • Increased Wasprey wander radius.
  • Scarsyre
    • Decreased acid damage in Scarsyre.
    • Removed floating rocks from Scarsyre.
    • Updated the Hammerskull creature model and changed the name to Hammerskull Impaler.
  • Frystfel
    • Added Stiff Fingers debuff to Frystfel.
      • Stiff Fingers reduces reload speed per stack. Firing a weapon removes a stack.
    • Greatly increased hearing perception of Draaks.
    • Greatly increased hearing perception of Raveners.
    • Changed the Hammerskull name to Frostcoat Hammerskull.
Creatures and Pets
  • Warg
    • Improved the hitbox for Warg abilities.
    • Adjusted abilities to hit more reliably.
  • Added Ursa attack visual effect.
  • Added new Crosari abilities.
  • Some creature attacks now have a chance to apply the Loose Armor debuff.
    • Loose Armor temporarily reduces a player’s armor. Moving resets the debuff duration.
  • Added some better checks when summoning/dismounting so that the pet will spawn in a reasonable location.
  • Added a check which will prevent mounting if there isn't enough vertical space.
  • Creatures should now be better at detecting that they can't get to their target.
  • Added new models for Yxen cubs, Rockjaw variants, and Rotne variants.
  • Added stun animation for all creatures.
  • Creatures now deal partial elemental damage depending on their source biome.
  • Added spit attack for the Glutt.
  • Adjusted attack distances for Wargs.
  • Added new Warg quick pounce.
  • Adjusted Ursa attack distances.
  • Added rare texture variants for rare creatures.
  • Slightly reduced PvE creature damage at low-mid levels.
  • Increased the cooldown on Festerwig and Glutt dodges.
  • Updated the draw distance of ruins in Myrkfen.
  • New melee attack and dodge ability for the Crosari.
  • Added new spirit-touched and corrupted variants of all creatures.
  • Players should now show up with their correct gear on the character selection screen.
  • Item icons now have colored borders to denote their rarity.
  • The chat box should now fade out over time until it receives new messages or input.
  • Updated the character creation screen for Classic and Exploration game modes.
  • Updated tooltip for Poorly Cooked Meat and Salt Cured Meat to correct reflect their energy rates.
  • New debuff Icons for Biting Cold, Hypothermia, and Flash Freezing.
  • Updated Assassin's Resolve tooltip to more accurately show its functions.
  • Changed item drag and drop functionality to keep the cursor inside the icon while it is being dragged around. This should help with dropping items onto a target.
  • Missing ingredients will now show up as red in recipes.
  • Single right-click now opens the context menu for items and crafting. The tooltip is also closed when right-clicking.
  • Added Group Invite/Leave to the recent players social pane.
  • Added group member markers to the interface. The arrow will change to a skull if the group member is currently dead.
  • Added outline shading when a group member is behind an object.
  • Single right-click now works on the social interface for popping up the context menu.
  • Added a new factionless icon for Classic and Exploration mode.
  • Removed the Faction tab from the social menu for Classic and Exploration game modes.
  • The permissions interface will no longer show faction permissions on factionless game modes.
  • Increased recipe icon sizes to make them more legible while crafting.
  • Equipped tools and weapons can now be quickly holstered using the X hotkey.
  • Added red weapon fire tracers for the Classic and Exploration game modes.
  • Added detailed tooltips to elixirs that were missing them.
  • Added tooltip text to Footsnares and Bear Traps to indicate functionality differences.
  • Hitting a dead target will no longer generate Evade messages.
  • Updated player crossbow attack animations.
  • Cleaned up clan and group invite messaging.
    • There were some edge cases that could lead to the system no longer allow you to accept clan invites or group invites until relaunching the game.
Bug Fixes
  • Removed the ability to spam multiple emotes at any given time.
  • Removed the creature sound spam that results from attacking creatures with a Repeater.
  • Fixed favorite pets to now properly revive and reload on custom servers.
  • Fixed up building anchor placement.
  • Fixed an issue with War Observation Bonus tooltip not hiding correctly.
  • Fixed inconsistency in silver ammunition tooltips.
  • Fixed blank icon for certain torch items.
  • Fixed Spirit Stables to be consistent in its naming.
  • Fixed temperature bar showing red even if the environment is cold.
  • Fixed Salt Cured Meat not giving sparks.
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization and punctuation in skills window.
  • Fixed Sticky Sap tooltip showing incorrect resource type.
  • Fixed War Cry sound effect not playing the correct sound per character gender.
  • Fixed errors in Eventide Healing and Eventide Aura tooltips.
  • Fixed Rockjaw pets not having an animation for walking backwards.
  • Fixed turrets to no longer target clan or group members of the owner of the turret.
  • Fixed turrets to once again properly target enemies instead of always hitting the ground.
  • Fixed turrets so their inventory is accessible in Exploration and Classic modes.
  • Fixed an issue that was generating unharvestable resource nodes.
  • Fixed female characters not making footstep noises in a bunch of animations.
  • Fixed text overlay issue with the mastery icon.
  • Fixed Jotuns to no longer imitate Grunter sounds.
  • Fixed pet friend detection rules to include group members and all players if PvP damage is off.
  • Fixed some AI that could cause pets to despawn.
  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to validate a hit on an unowned structure.
  • Fixed a collision issue with Hearthmelon resource nodes.
  • Fixed floating trees in the Highlands, some unharvestable iron and ice resource nodes.
  • Fixed Hardwood structures that didn’t have a material assigned.
  • Fixed a rounding issue with item tooltips.
  • Fixed a tooltip display issue with the Noise Reduction stat.
  • Fixed a tooltip display issue with Damage Type Mitigation stats.
  • Fixed the Shard Blaster fire sound effect sometimes looping.
  • Fixed the group maker interface so that it is properly centered.
  • Fixed the issue causing the game to become inaccessible when ALT+Tab is used.
  • Fixed the projectile for Arachnix, Draak, and Wasprey frequently being invisible.
  • Fixed bug where Bow nocking sounds could be heard from excessive distances.
  • Fixed respawn message when killed by a placeable such as a barricade.
  • Fixed respawn message when killed by a debuff such as acid corrosion.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the selected research to not properly update when viewed while interacting with something without a crafting station.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the fall animation to loop if the player was on a small object that was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the pet carry weight to always be the active pet's carry weight instead of the specific pet's carry weight.
  • Fixed Divinite Vaults not being able to store items.
  • Fixed Frabbits and Wasprey sounds not being controlled by volume sliders.
  • Fixed some animation bugs with creature abilities.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Ethereal Constitution (Shaman) from granting the correct amount of healing while in the Spirit Realm.
  • Fixed the favorite pet count not updating when favoriting/unfavoriting a pet.
  • Fixed a number of other typos.
  • Fixed a typo in the Blood Soaked debuff tooltip.
  • Fixed the player sprint sound to no longer play while sprinting on a mount.
  • Fixed a client crash issue.


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    I see nothing in the actual patch notes about the dodge mechanics or map layout changes.

    Are the ironfir and runeoak structures actually coming back?
    Cool to see foundation getting more armor than other pieces. I've always felt foundations should survive more damage than other structural pieces.

    Warehouse! Yes! Good! ^_^
    It's cool that the armory is now functioning as a faction warehouse for equipment.
    Is the warehouse also being used for storage of consumables, are they going to the armory, or is this NYI atm?

    Are there any plans for a warehouse-like structure in factionless game modes? Not as necessary as in the faction game modes, but would still be nice.
  • Hmm, not sure how the map bullets went missing. Readding.

    Dodge mechanics weren't supposed to be in this initial build, interesting.

    Good questions on Warehouse implementation, no current plans to add it to the other game modes as of yet and I don't believe consumables can be stored in any of the Favor-based buildings at the moment.
  • How to test the new map? and is it possible to boost the ptr server? so we can test more stuff faster?
  • How to test the new map? and is it possible to boost the ptr server? so we can test more stuff faster?

    The PTR build is already using the new map. Boosting values on the server would skew the insights we glean from testing.
  • Scapes wrote: »
    New Map
    A new map with narrower corridors and tighter biome spaces has been implemented.
    This map is designed to increase player collision chances by funneling players into smaller areas.

    Crafting and Research
    Removed faction reputation locked containers.
    Added clan reputation locked containers.

    New map for all game modes? Does this mean full wipe of all servers?

    Depending on the answer to wipe: What happens to currently placed Faction locked containers?
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