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What about a Solo/Single-player/Offline mode?

With the introduction of PvE focused modes I feel like, naturally, the next step would be to allow players to play offline/solo/single-player as with other survival type games. While the community aspect is important to many, an equally large number of gamers simply want to play survival games in smaller numbers or simply by themselves without being at the mercy of official or unofficial servers. I've put almost 400 hours into The Forest and nearly 300 hours into Conan Exiles, mostly on single-player/solo modes. I watched various gamers play the Faction war mode months back and it looked interesting but I always felt that the game had a lot of potential as a PvE game too. So now that PvE modes are a thing, I recently picked up the game and am enjoying the look and feel of it so far, however, the ping is somewhat weighing me down as an Australian.

What do you guys feel about this option?
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