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Any news on the Darkness Falls style cave dungeon?

Back when the game was first going into Early Access and you did the whole sponsored streamers push, a few times it was mentioned that a PvPvE cave system/dungeon in the style of Darkness Falls from DAoC was going to be released in a "few weeks." It was a major selling point for me as a long time fan of DAoC. I was just wondering what the state of that is?

I know things are being shaken up and reworked (which I think you are all doing a great job, although, where's the stove?!), and I have been greatly enjoying Exploration mode with some friends while trying to convince more to get it during the sale. I was just hoping for a semi-update on it?


  • Same here man
  • The Caves and Mines biomes needed additional work in terms of purpose and where they fit in the greater gameplay loop. We also removed them to reduce the number of biomes where players could be found, increasing the likelihood of player collision (the same rationale for the changes we've made to the map as of Patch 7). We'll introduce them as new biomes once we've gotten the existing biomes to a better place in terms of traffic and crafting/leveling necessity.
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