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I have an idea :D

First I must say thank you for implementing my other idea hehe xD
Now I got a rather interesting one, a way to make it competitive in a rather endless way.

So what do we love about the game?
It's quite simple , mining/farming/harvesting resources and what game does a really good job at introducing a lot of resources and scatters them all over the place, well that's Rend.

So why not exploit that.

Let's say we have rankings,how can I get high rank if there was a ladder?????
players killed? the map is huge,hard to achieve that only with friends in opposing factions.
levels/experience got in total?oh hell no, you go on 15x servers and get lvl 600+ in 1 day, I did that :D
total spirits gathered? we got over this one, its really boring
but how about resource gathered? well you need to do it to get high end equipment ,the metal resource is very competitive even in servers with 5 people, I always find people gathering iron ore/skyfall no matter what faction I'm in

So how sounds a marathon of let's say 1 week of gathering resources?
you can add more servers 2 hours Sprint x5 , make a ladder, get some mile stones, give some rewards ,add seasons,it's endless.
People love end of season rewards, so make them exclusive.Add a way to see the persons avatar/character then add cosmetics paid and as rewards, I mean how hard can it be to make a hat in 3D or a costume,cape,etc.

I see so much potential in this game and I want it to grow.

PS:The free for all idea I had was for the new people that join a way to teach them the game in a solo experience.
PPS:Add a dropdown to the chat is really annoying to type /global /faction whenever I want to talk to someone.


  • Rankings are a cool idea, I won't be surprised to see something along those lines in the future. I don't think gathering is a vaguely reasonable method of handling it. Simply put, to the vast majority of players gathering is boring as hell.

    XP is probably the best method. Custom servers should never count towards rankings, no matter how you handle it. A 15x weight, 15x resource gathering server will just as easily screw up rankings as 15 xp. This would give players a variety of choices in how they wanted to make their way through the ladder. Seasoned servers would be an interesting concept. They'd have to provide a way to migrate characters/resources/progression from the seasoned server to a non-seasoned server at end of season. Or maybe just accept that most of it's gone at end of season, the only thing that migrates to the non-seasoned servers is AP. If these servers are going to be be competitive, they'd also have to ignore each player's current ascension progress similar to how D3's seasons ignore your paragon levels.

    Could be cool. I'd be interested in seeing how FK might ultimately implement such a system. There're much bigger issues at the moment IMO, but this could be cool for long-term plans at a minimum. :)
  • If there is going to be ranking system I feel like there has to be hardcore servers or another idea is make badges for how many ascension points you've unlocked. In my opinion pvp does not say how good of a player you are for rend it's all about experience.
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