The official Rend servers are online. Please share your game feedback and bug reports with us!

[COMPLETE] Select Faction War Servers Switching to New Game Modes: November 21 @ 5:00 PM PST

Dovetailing with the Steam Autumn Sale and growing interest in Rend's new game modes, we're changing select official Faction War servers over to our Classic (PvP) and Exploration (PvE) game modes.
  • Loki's Guile (NA West) - Classic
  • Silent Woods (NA West) - Exploration
  • Skald's Tale (Russia) - Classic
  • Dragonroot (Russia) - Exploration
  • Wormwood (Australia) - Classic
  • Sagasong (Australia) - Exploration

Unspent Ascension Points and unlocked Ascension Perks will carry over between all official servers regardless of region or game mode. We'll also be preparing the following official servers as additional Classic and Exploration game mode servers and bringing them online as needed: Bladespeaker, Bloodmark, Crowthrone, Dawnbreaker, Deathsong, Doomspear, Draugrbane, Flintheart, Freya's Thorn, Goldfang, Gorewulf, Hearthlight, Jotunskull, Meadhearth, Mournwulf, Nidhogg's Roost, Nightfall, Nightsveil, Oakflame, Ravager, Scribe's Tome, Seeker's Sanctuary, Spiritgrove, Thor's Fury, Thundermane, Tyrsdottir, Wargskull, Wayfarer, and Worldseer.

The game mode changes on these servers will begin at 5:00 PM PST (UTC-8) and should complete in about an hour. If you have unredeemed Ascension progress from these servers after today, please contact our Support Team for assistance.


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