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Rend Early Access Patch 6.1: Patch Notes

edited November 2018 in Patch Notes
The team’s taking a Spirit Axe to one of Rend’s core systems to create a streamlined crafting experience. This patch expands upon the initial Early Access roadmap changes introduced in Patch 6 last week with the majority of the game’s crafting tables restructured for easier navigation when searching for a specific recipe. Clearer categories are just the beginning: many early-game recipes have had rare or hard-to-find materials removed to expedite game entry and recovery from inventory loss.

We’d like to thank the intrepid players braving the new Classic mode this past week and for sharing their feedback with us, much of it incorporated into this patch! As a reminder, read our Rend roadmap feature to learn how the new Classic (PvP) and Exploration (PvE) game modes differ from Faction War mode.

  • Spark rewards from harvesting creatures are now scaled based on the tier of the harvesting tool used.
    • You can harvest creatures one tier above your tool and receive full spark payouts. (For example, Tier 3 tools are required to get full spark payouts from Tier 4 creatures.)
  • Reduced frequency of spark payouts from harvesting creatures.
  • Reduced the spark payouts from Tier 4 creatures.
  • Adjusted loot payouts from creatures of all levels, generally making them more consistent by tier and level.
  • Reduced damage mitigation gained from armor.
    • More armor rating is now required to achieve the previously high damage mitigation values.
    • This change should allow higher tier armors to feel like more meaningful defensive upgrades.
    • Reduced creature damage (especially early game) to compensate for lower damage mitigation values.
  • Generally reduced the crafting crit chance on armor and weapons.
  • Removed the crafting failure chance from most armor and weapons.
  • Standardized leak rates of all Waterskins to 0.05/sec, a significant reduction for early-game Waterskins.
  • Many recipes have found new homes in different crafting tables and Crafting pane tabs.
    • Moved Traps to the Base Defense crafting tree in the Construction tab.
    • Moved Ammunition to the Weapons tab.
    • Moved Spirit Stables building recipe to Crafting Tables crafting tree in the Personal Base tab.
    • Added new Campfire crafting tree to Provisions tab.
    • Renamed Personal Construction Table to Builder's Table to reduce confusion.
    • Removed bulk research conversion recipes and greatly reduced crafting time on individual research conversion recipes.
    • Removed Transmutation from the game.
    • Removed the Alchemist Table from the game.
    • Removed Fiber Twine recipe from the Basic Survival crafting tree.
    • Updated where the Explosive Shells recipe appears in the Ammunition crafting tree.
  • Rough Arrow recipe now requires 5 Roughwood Sticks and crafts 5 Rough Arrows at a time (and crits for 10 Rough Arrows!).
  • Reduced the Crafting Skill XP gained from crafting ammunition.
  • Containers and storage placeables will no longer fail when crafted, resulting in the player not receiving the item they crafted.
  • Removed Dross Metal from all crafting recipes in the Basic Survival crafting tree.
  • Removed Leather requirements from Roughweave Shirt and Trouser recipes.
  • Removed personal crafting station plugs and personal refinery recipes with the exception of Personal Forges.
    • Important Note: All built and placed personal refineries (such as Mortar, Loom, Tanning Rack, Stonecutters, etc.) will be removed in the next game update. Please empty their inventories to avoid losing any crafting materials!
  • Adjusted loot quantity payouts and harvest health of all Rotne, Banshees, Allidons, Frabbits, Yxen, Ursar, Waspreys, and Stags.
  • Adjusted loot tables for several rare creatures that were only dropping meat and creature parts.
  • Slightly reduced quantity of loot payouts from Gruntlings.
  • Significantly increased quantity of loot payouts up from Goretusks.
  • Significantly reduced quantity of loot payouts from Bertha.
  • Stags should now correctly drop Leather and sparks based on their tier.
  • Rotne should now correctly drop Leather and sparks based on their tier.
  • Single right-click now opens context menu for items and crafting. The tooltip also closes on right-click.
  • Added new icons for Catapult interactions.
  • Added highlighting to Points in Ascension tab for Ascension Points and Talent Points.
  • Added a timeout on PvP damage to remove notification for kills of deaths that occur minutes after the fact.
  • Disabled the research button for the researches that you do not have enough materials for and those already completed.
  • Prevented PvP credit on 0 damage hits (such as on PvE servers).
  • Updated the character select and server info pages so that no icon is shown for Exploration and Classic modes.
  • Added Transfer Item to the item context menu (right-click).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Bow nocking sound to no longer play over large distances.
  • Fixed an AI issue causing jittering when the creature rotates.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent bombs from exploding when their fuse timer finished.
  • Fixed a bug where the loot ticker icon sometimes showed up as white.
  • Fixed the Conquest mode warning showing for Classic and Exploration game modes.
  • Fixed a bug with the escape menu where the options menu would draw over the top of it if you last opened the options menu.
  • Fixed the broken string generation which lost the clan name on Clan Invites.
  • Fixed a lingering damage-over-time effect from the Food Poisoning debuff.
  • Fixed typo in Blood Soaked debuff.
  • Fixed the placeholder daytime Highlands buff to be invisible.
  • Fixed a performance and crash issue related to the main menu UI and Find Servers button.
  • Fixed Simple Bow having Spirit Axe instead of Spirit Mallet as a prerequisite.
  • Fixed an issue causing resource nodes to occasionally not despawn correctly.


  • Great work so far frostkeep <3 . Please add a option to further decrease the viewdistance in the game. i hope that wont be much of work to you but greatly improve the fps on low systems. I hope there is a way to display the worldtree in the distance but the rest of the world to a minimum like maybe ~30-50(100) m.
  • Is it coming to Xbox?
  • Asce wrote: »
    Is it coming to Xbox?

    Our first focus is Rend's Early Access period on PC before we explore a console release.
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