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Possible exploration reckoning?

Is it possible to have an exploration server with a reckoning? Or am I looking at a private server to do this?  I feel that reckonings are a PvE experience. Otherwise what is the point of upgrading bases besides esthetics? The monsters originally attacked the clans divinity stone, can that not be changed to targeting player's stones? Reckonings will increase the desire to form clans as well and work together, or try to make it alone. It also provides a way to remove players bases that have joined and then left for good once the stone is destroyed, since there is no PvP.


  • I'd personally lean towards leaving the current exploration servers the way that they are. I would still like to see a "Faction War PvE" environment, where the game is still competitive but not in a PvP fashion. Such a mode could easily include the reckoning and other events. The system already supports it unless I'm mistaken. Changing a few settings from the exploration mode should be able to allow custom servers to do that right now.
  • I like the idea of personal bases and optional alliances, not people being forced to mash together if they don't want to. It also opens up the door for people who can't play a lot of hours everyday. That way you can work on progression yourself instead of coming back in often but not to a fully upgraded base and research that you had no part in. Thus missing out on a big portion of the game itself. Just because you have obligations. And I figured I was looking at having to make a private server to do this but they do ask for game feedback. I've seen a decent amount of hype for my suggestion on the discord.
  • I think a reckoning is the best idea for exploration servers. I have thrown away more than enough materials to keep my base upgraded to the highest tier available. Making basic defenses would be no hassle and I could use the experience points. I was thinking that during the reckoning the lost could spawn in around online players at a level based on the zone and at a rate based on the players level. If they only spawned outside build exclusion areas it would create a mini reckoning around each online players base. Maybe add a multiplier based on the amount of online players within a small location so players can group together in a well defended base to fight a larger group of lost and close neighbours would have to help each other out. Players can log off for a bit if they cant handle the reckoning because if the shields don't matter the reckoning would only last 10 min or so. Could have 5 a day without it being a problem. Whole servers could group together and build a town hall where they can fight a reckoning worse than on faction war servers together without the risk of losing their base (or spirits or getting raided). As Xenosilver was saying it might encourage people to work together as a sort of stepping stone to the large group mechanics the game was based on. Also it would give me a reason to upgrade my base so it wasn't all see through (pioneers tent and research conversion would be even better though).
  • We've heard a few calls for Reckonings to be introduced to Exploration and Classic servers in some fashion. One notion we had was to have Lost spawn near each personal base on the map. It's something for us to look into after we've finished the season's roadmap.
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