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My confident reason why rend keeps losing so many people

So i want to talk about the personality color green. This is my personality color so i know a lot about this color. Green people in the community are the people that bring people together by fixing community issues, getting rid of bad people or fixing conflicts in the community they're good at all that because they're good at seeing strengths and weaknesses of everything and seeing people for who they're. Greens hate going through issue after issue. I see this with the server issues with them crashing all the time and getting disconnected from them all the time recently it makes greens leave because they don't want their group or community to go through that. There is so much proof of this like today for example servers started crashing and disconnecting people which made greens to lose interest. This game is strategical game requiring a lot of strategical thinking which green loves so a lot of the players have this personality. So in my opinion figuring out the cause of these server issues should be the priority. In a more positive point of view I will say there is a lot less annoying server issues compared to when i started playing.


  • Good news, we have finally gotten word from one of our server providers that new hardware is available for us to migrate all of our official servers over to. We'll be announcing the first of these moves later today.

    Also, another common server crash cause has been determined and fixed, will be deployed in a new build going out today or tomorrow.
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