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Unable to upgrade Hunters Lodge that was partially upgraded before update

Summary: Prior to the update our Hunters Lodge required only 11 wolf trophy heads (ie all the other elements had been added) The Hunters Lodge had reset with new requirements after the update
Post update various members of our faction have been able to add
Steps to Reproduce: Described above.
Frequency: Relogging or attempts by other members of the same faction to upgrade experience similar outcomes.
Severity: 3 (can't upgrade to create fur clothing)
System Specs: Various across faction members
Additional Notes: List any additional notes about the bug.


  • Sorry premature post above. Upon first logging in post-reset, I added 300 crumblestone, receiving 120 faction points. Crumblestone total is showing at zero and is unable to be further upgraded.
    Faction colleagues have experienced similar concerns trying to upgrade other elements (ie bronze bars)
  • Thanks for reporting this! We're tracking it for a fix.
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