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Rend Early Access Patch 6: Patch Notes

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As our Fall 2018 Developer Letter stated, Rend’s extended content schedule means more impactful releases and Patch 6 is no exception. The first of our major Early Access roadmap game updates, it introduces significant, sweeping changes to Rend’s crafting, research, combat, and siege gameplay in addition to dozens of quality-of-life bug fixes. Patch 6 also brings with it two new game modes, Classic (PvP) and Exploration (PvE): read our roadmap feature about how they differ from Faction War mode. Over the next few weeks, players can anticipate more articles that share developer insights and dive deeper into Rend’s Early Access roadmap topics.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined the Rend PTR to test out Classic mode and tell us what worked and what needed work: your feedback helped us get Rend’s new game modes ready for release!

  • New survival game modes Classic (PvP) and Exploration (PvE) added to the game.
    • Added new game mode selection screen for first time players.
    • The server filters have been updated to support the new game modes.
      • Official servers are all now one of the three official game modes: Classic, Exploration, and Faction War. Private servers are now all labeled as Custom game mode.
    • Four new servers will be opened when Patch 6 deploys with more to be added or converted as needed.
      • Classic (NA-East)
      • Exploration (NA-East)
      • Classic (EU)
      • Exploration (EU)
    • Read the Rend Roadmap: Survival Game Modes feature article.
  • When a player exits the game, they will leave behind an Adventurer's Spirit.
    • This spirit can be pillaged, causing their inventory to drop to the ground.
    • Players will not leave behind an Adventurer's Spirit if they log off in a Faction Stronghold or near a personal or clan Divinity Seed.
    • This change does not apply to Exploration mode.
  • Ascension Points and Perks are now global. AP earned on any server adds to a single tally. Perks unlocked using AP apply for all servers.
    • If you've earned AP or unlocked Perks on individual servers, you'll need to log into each of those servers to update your global tally and unlocks. Please contact our Support Team if you're having difficulty.
  • Added Siege Catapult, Personnel Flinger, Trebuchet. Valkyrie Ballista Turret, Giant Shielded Golden Gate, and Bricks of Valhalla wall upgrade to the game.
    • For a long time we've wanted to find ways to make sieging faction strongholds feel more dynamic. We've added in several of our planned Siege Weapons in this build and have a few more siege gameplay changes coming soon, all of which will be further detailed in our Early Access roadmap.
  • Added a new Relic equipment slot for powerful magical items (Relics themselves coming in a future game update).
  • Added a building demolish vote system for Faction War mode.
    • Now any faction member can call a demolish vote with scaling minimum votes and minimum affirmative votes based on active faction members.
  • Added forcefields to faction stronghold entrances that prevent opposing faction members from entering outside of Reckoning events.
  • Added a group system to temporarily party with faction members.
    • The Group Invite button can be found in the Faction pane.
    • Group members can be added using the command /invite [NAME] in chat.
    • Groups can be parted using the /leave command in chat.
    • Group members will not take a faction reputation hit for looting a group member’s corpse or for hitting a group member.
    • A group permission level has been added for personal base permissions between Faction Member and Clansman.
  • Added the ability to disarm Bombs. Interact with a placed Bomb to attempt to disarm it.
    • Damaging a player disarming a bomb will interrupt the disarm.
    • Increased fuse times on all Bombs to 15 seconds.
  • Added visual effect to Spirit Tool swapping.
  • Players can now shoot while jumping.
  • Changed default display mode to windowed fullscreen.
  • Exiting Stealth (Assassin) now incurs a 10-second cooldown before the ability can be used again.
  • Increased the Light Radius of Spectral Light (Shaman) by 60%.
  • Targets can no longer be hit by clipping through structures.
  • Bombs are now considerably more lethal to players, you have been warned.
  • Bombs now properly knockback players caught in the blast radius.
  • Adjusted weights of Metal, Wood, Fiber, Leather, Stone, and other heavy resources to compensate for the overhauled recipes introduced with this patch’s crafting simplification (see Crafting) requiring more resources to craft.
  • The Tanglearrow debuff no longer stacks.
  • Increased duration of decay timers on perishable resources.
  • Resource costs for building upgrades are now uniform for all building pieces.
  • Adjusted Enhanced Spirit Tool recipes to be a more viable option earlier in a saga.
  • Decreased all Waterskin leak rates.
  • Reduced spirit tool swap duration from 1 second to .75 seconds.
  • Bulk research now properly rewards skill XP.
  • When a player falls off the world while mounted, their mount will also perish and drop its inventory.
  • Debuffs no longer have tiers that modify the calculations when attempting to resist its effect, avoid application, or reduce duration.
    • Swampwalker (Disease Resistance) and Silk (Poison Resistance) armors have had their application avoidance stats reduced (mostly at the higher tier) to account for no longer having to resist higher tier debuffs.
  • Eir's Tear now removes all Disease effects and is not consumed on use but now has a 60-second cooldown.
  • Pets will no longer pass through the shields of opposing faction strongholds.
  • Environmental effects and Damage Over Time effects will no longer interrupt a player capturing a Control Point.
  • Totem of Spirit Calming can no longer advance Tame Progress on a creature that is dead.
  • Increased the volume of noise generated by harvesting and sprinting.
  • Reduced the duration of the Food Poisoning debuff and removed the damage-over-time element not shown in its tooltip.
  • In Classic mode, armor and weapon recipes are now much easier to progress through and have different costs than in Faction War mode.
  • This patch introduces a semi-final pass at crafting simplification.
    • The majority of crafting recipes have been altered for balance and flavor purposes as well as the removal of refined materials and resource drop changes to creature loot tables.
    • Removed the majority of refined materials from crafting recipes.
      • The only remaining refined materials are in Metals, Explosive Powders, and Adhesives recipes.
    • Removed incremental leather material tiers from crafting recipes (such as Thin Leather Scraps).
    • Many recipes have also been reallocated to different craft skills.
      • Adventuring Crafts: Bows, Arrows, Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Fur Armor
      • Invention Crafts: Crossbows, Bolts, Spike Launchers, Spikes, Metal Armor
      • Mysticism Crafts: Repeaters, Darts, Silk Armor, Swamp Armor
      • Construction Crafts: Shard Blasters, Shards
    • Prerequisites for armor pieces are now based off the same armor piece.
      • For example: to make a Tier 2 silk chest, you now need skilled or mastery in the Tier 1 silk chest instead of needing skilled or mastery in the Tier 1 silk helmet.
      • This makes it so players no longer need to craft an entire set to gain access to another tier of that specific armor item. This was also necessary for crafting simplification and how tiering of recipes works in the new system.
    • The number of crafting tiers per weapon type has been reduced from 5 to 3.
      • The tiers now have more significant jumps in damage output, making each recipe completion feel more powerful.
      • This is designed to resolve the pain of grinding for the next tier when the recipes don’t provide useful weapons in terms of progression, leading to a sense of the time being spent poorly.
      • The names of the weapons in these new tiers have also changed.
    • Creature harvesting has been simplified.
      • Left-click will always yield creature specific parts (ex. Meat and Boar Tusks) while right-click will always yield one of four bulk crafting materials (Leather, Tough Skin, Chitin, or Fur).
      • Many creature-specific resources have been removed. Recipes that required these resources have been changed to reflect this.
      • There are no longer multiple leather crafting material tiers.
    • Crafting Tables have been split into tables that focus on specific recipe categories: Weapons, Armor, Gear, Construction, Siege, and Alchemy.
  • Harvesting resources no longer rewards Sparks of Genius. Sparks can now be harvested from creatures. Different creature types have a higher chance of dropping specific spark types with increased payouts for Elite and Rare creatures.
  • Crafting criticals no longer have a chance to reward Invention Sparks of Genius.
  • Personal Crafting Table now has its own storage capacity.
  • All research recipes can now be crafted anywhere in the world in Classic or Exploration game modes.
  • Harvesting creatures can now cause you to gain the Bloodsoaked debuff.
    • Being Bloodsoaked affects the rate at which creatures spawn near you.
  • First Aid consumables have been streamlined.
    • Each First Aid consumable now has only one rank.
      • Higher rank versions have been removed from the game, a necessary prerequisite for streamlining these consumables.
    • Bandage now removes all Wound effects.
    • Antidote now removes all Poison effects.
    • Remedy now removes all Disease effects.
    • Compress no longer removes Wound effects and instead now heals 20% of your missing health.
  • Added one square of padding to all personal base grids.
  • Removed clearance requirement when placing base foundations.
  • Single pillars now support floors. Floors now only require one corner of support instead of two corners.
  • Increased all Waterskin crafting costs.
  • Silken Waterskin no longer requires pyresilk.
  • The placeable expiration timer for bombs will now more accurately reflect their fuse time.
  • Removed duplicate Divine Adhesive recipe.
  • Spirit Tools are now soulbound when crafted.
  • Removed deprecated Spirit Pouches from the game.
  • In Classic and Exploration modes, recipes have been adjusted to better match solo play.
  • In Classic and Exploration modes, Resource Conjurers can now be crafted at the Personal Construction Table.
  • Updated creature behavior to handle status effects (stun, silence, root) better.
    • While stunned or rooted, the creature will no longer have a chance to ignore those statuses.
    • While silenced or stunned, the creature will no longer evade attacks.
    • While stunned, the creature will no longer maintain facing and head tilt.
    • While rooted, the creature will no longer maintain facing but will maintain head tilt.
  • Added dodge/quickstep abilities for Wargs, Wildcats, Raveners, Draaks, Arachnixes, Rocs, Waspreys, Glutts, and Festerwigs.
  • Added line of sight failures to creature evasion calculations.
  • Added new abilities and behaviors to Rocs, Ursar, and Wildcats.
  • Added basic flanking movement to several creatures.
  • Added new persistent ascension and favorite pet systems
  • Added a taunt/personality ability to Prowlfangs.
  • Added or fixed camera shake effects for creature abilities.
  • Increased creature wander radius.
  • Increased the hitbox range for pet Arachnixes attacks.
  • Increased the cast time for Howlfangs’ howl ability.
  • Increased the physical size of most creatures.
  • Generally increased the perception values and aware behaviors of all creatures.
  • Generally increased several creature ability hitboxes and ranges.
  • Introduced more creature pathing improvements.
  • Improved creature line of sight detection during combat.
  • Reduced the armor on Thickfur Yxen.
  • Slightly reduced the collision size of Ursar.
  • Adjusted cooldowns on creature dodges.
  • Updated animations for Wildcats, Wargs, and Rotnes.
  • Dreadveil
    • Adjusted which debuffs are applied by certain Arachnixes as well as the debuff application chances.
    • Generally increased the engagement range of small Arachnixes.
  • Highlands
    • Improved spacing of creature spawns.
    • No longer has a visible placeholder biome debuff.
    • Creatures now stay further away from this biome’s portals.
    • Adjusted some of the water volume locations in this biome.
  • Myrkfen
    • Movement in the swamp water now generates more noise.
    • Staying in the swamp water now applies the Fetid Water debuff. Too many stacks of this debuff will trigger a disease.
    • Changed the Allidon Tail Barb debuff to the Lethargic debuff.
      • Increased the weight penalty of the Lethargic debuff by ~5% per stack.
    • Removed the temperature aspect from the Infected Wound debuff. Heat shouldn't be a prevalent mechanic until later biomes.
    • Adult Wasprey attacks now have a small chance to apply the Larvae Infestation debuff.
      • Larvae Infestation can be removed by eating food.
    • Desiccating Venom no longer affects the Hydration cost of harvesting.
  • Stagswood
    • Added dynamic creature spawning behaviors. Night hours and an active Wounded debuff will directly affect the rate of nearby spawns.
    • Now has Arachnix spawns in certain areas.
  • Skarsyre
    • Added a new creature…
    • Now has a visible biome debuff.
  • Added Jotun to the Highlands, Frystfel, and Roots of Yggdrasil biomes.
  • Reduced creature spawn density in several biomes.
  • Adjusted creature spawn ratios in all biomes.
  • Smoothed out the ramp entrances of all caves.
  • Yggdrasil’s leaves and faction sigil/score will now flash when spirits are deposited by that faction.
  • Updated the overall layout of stat bars for better organization and readability, shrinking the Weight, Energy, and Hydration bars and adjusting the Temperature bar to look like a real, always visible stat bar.
  • Added a noise indicator bar to the interface that tracks how much noise a player is making.
    • Activities that generate noise include walking, sprinting, harvesting, gathering water, breaking items, and reloading weapons.
  • Adjusted the layout of the equipment paper doll in the Inventory screen.
  • Weapons and Tools can now be cycled in both directions using the mousewheel.
    • Zoom In and Zoom Out keybinds have moved to CTRL+mousewheel.
  • Recipe tooltips now include the craft level of the recipe.
  • Added better hit and crit numbers and auditory confirmations (should be easier to see PVP now).
  • Added auditory warnings for creature aware and aggro states.
  • Updated tooltip for Poorly Cooked Meat and Salt Cured Meat to correct reflect their energy rates.
  • Updated Eventide Healing tooltip to make more sense.
  • Changed the feedback for 0 damage from "ineffective" to “0”.
  • Changed the feedback for creatures that cannot take damage to be “Evade”.
  • Reworked bomb visual effects.
  • Added option to hide/show Offhand or held item.
  • Added words to bad word filter.
  • Added better granularity to placeable expiration time notifications.
  • Projectiles no longer play a visual hit impact and camera shake even if they don't hit anything.
  • Added a vegetation impact visual effect.
  • Added a tooltip for Caltrops Wound debuff.
  • Updated the Wisdom of the Weald perk tooltip to more accurately match its functionality.
  • Harvest Damage floaters now appear near the center of the screen.
  • Using the Take All button on a corpse will now restore your action bar items.
  • Faction reputation gains or losses are now always displayed as an integer amount.
  • Changed Soulbind on Pickup text to Soulbind on Acquire to better reflect the functionality.
  • Soulbound on Acquire items will now auto-equip to an empty paper doll.
  • Favorite servers are now stored server-side instead of client-side.
  • Introduced a significant change to the interaction system backend to allow better customization of interaction behaviors.
    • Please let us know if you notice any weirdness while interacting with placeables (Press/Hold F)!
  • Glutts now make Glutt sounds instead of making Arachnix impressions.
  • Spirit Realm ambience music is now properly controlled by the music slider.
  • Player's sprint voice audio now plays while sprinting on a mount.
  • Reduced volume of certain creature footstep sounds, we apologize to your eardrums.
  • Reduced volume of certain base destruction sounds, apologizing to your eardrums again.
  • Added sounds to Banshees and Rocs.
  • Added sounds for creature abilities that didn’t have sounds.
  • Added sounds to placeable objects that didn't have sounds.
  • Added new crafting sounds.
  • Added out of ammo click and empty clip firing sounds.
  • Polished weapon click feedback.
  • As Stamina drains due to sprinting, characters will sound increasingly exhausted.
  • Introduced new “whiz by” sounds for hitscan and projectile weapons.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Goliath Arachnix spawning with a 0 pet rating.
  • Fixed Spectral Light (Shaman) to produce light as intended.
  • Fixed collision for personal tables.
  • Fixed some animation bugs with creature abilities.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Ethereal Constitution (Shaman) from granting the correct amount of healing while in the Spirit Realm.
  • Fixed the level-up sound from playing twice when a player reaches a new level.
  • Fixed an audio glitch affecting the music when first loading the client.
  • Fixed the favorite pet count not updating when favoriting/unfavoriting a pet.
  • Fixed the Ascension Points not updating for players who were offline when a saga ends.
  • Fixed a remarkably high number of missing periods from tooltip strings.
  • Fixed Campfire, Bonfire, Torch, and Smoldervine heat auras not applying correctly.
  • Fixed missing sound effects (usually weapon fire) when many creatures are nearby.
  • Fixed the bow pull back sound to play properly for female characters.
  • Fixed the Hide Helmet option to no longer applies to all players, only to your character.
  • Fixed the Cloth Armor crafting tree to be in line with other crafting tree layouts.
  • Fixed the name of Empower Spirit Handaxe to accurately reflect the item it creates.
  • Fixed for debuffs in Stagswood not being removed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to play their falling animation while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause portals to place you on top of or stuck in the destination portal.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing inventory slots to sometimes display an incorrect background texture.
  • Fixed placement bounding boxes to exactly match the final position when determining location validity.
  • Fixed creature abilities designed to not maintain facing to no longer rotate to the target.
  • Fixed some creature pathing that was failing to generate.
  • Fixed shard blasters to display the correct number of tracers per impacts when fired.
  • Fixed Arachnix attack animations in the Roots of Yggdrasil biome.
  • Fixed a rare case that could cause a creature which stopped attacking to not flee.
  • Fixed twitching creature heads.
  • Fixed the Cooking Per Skill Level bonus tooltip to correctly indicate 2% yields per level.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing spell tooltips to display cooldowns of 0.
  • Fixed buttons appearing as white blocks in the interface.
  • Fixed a bug where once a player has had their bounty claimed, their score will be set to 0 until they log back in.
  • Fixed it so that creature abilities that have long attack animations don’t cut the ability short.
  • Fixed the reload animation to no longer play when a player tries to reload without available ammo.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Spirit Arrows to grant credit for stacks past the stack cap.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing impact effects from playing when projectiles hit terrain or killed the target.
  • Fixed inconsistent placeable and structure component placement restrictions.
  • Fixed rubberbanding effect of alternating between walk and sprint.
  • Fixed a lot of placeables that had the wrong sounds.
  • Fixed the sprint sound to no longer continue to play after death if the character was sprinting.
  • Fixed collision for structures, traps, turrets, totems, Control Points, Divinity Seeds, Mystic Altars, Spirit Stables, and some minor visual fixes.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing raveners from being tamed.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Cruel Apothecary (Assassin) from triggering.
  • Fixed some bizarre behaviors when a Frabbit dies while burrowing.
  • Fixed an animation bug that made characters stand up to drink while mounted.
  • Fixed Crude Stone Shards to no longer refund Strong Fiber Twine if you have the Resourceful Perk (Adventuring).
  • Fixed a bug that was causing buffs that scale per level such as Weight of the World and Learned Survivor to ignore stack count when scaling.
  • Fixed all references to Heavyfur to be Heavy Fur.
  • Fixed a bug where Enshrined Power reduced Shrine buff duration rather than increasing it.
  • Fixed a bug making Hammerskull attacks hit twice.
  • Fixed an issue causing higher-tier faction base buildings to spawn with the wrong stations.
  • Fixed an issue in Classic and Exploration modes that caused turrets to shoot at their owners.
  • Fixed Tier 1 spirit tools to be correctly categorized in Basic Survival instead of Tools.
  • Fixed typos and incorrect references related to Research texts, Crumblestone Sledge, friendly corpses, Teachings of Coryn, Bows, buffs, abilities, Potions, Draughts, other consumables, and naming conventions.
  • Fixed a common game client crash.
  • Fixed an occasional game client crash.
  • Fixed a rare game client crash on load.
  • Fixed a game client crash related to Reckoning events.


  • FrumpylumpsFrumpylumps ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Great job, Frostkeep. Keep up the good work.
  • Chapeau ! Thanks for that awesome work. Let's test those changes.

    REND is coming back!
  • Incredibly long, incredibly detailed, and yet simultaneously incredibly undetailed. Unfortunately, there's no good way to get down to the level of detail that I'd like to see. I look forward to being able to play around on exploration servers while I wait to hopefully see some of the other changes coming to faction war. Overall, really happy to see these changes. :)

    A bit sad that the faction warehouse doesn't seem to have made the patch. I was hopeful after seeing 'warehouse credit' (I think that's what it displayed as) on the ptr.

    Guessing "Added new persistent ascension and favorite pet systems" is the cross-server ascension system. Is this setup in such a fashion that custom server clustering (groups of custom servers that share ascension points) could be a thing?

    Related to that... "Private servers are now all labeled as Custom game mode." Any chance of being able to override that? It'd be nice for private servers to label themselves, even if it always also contained the "custom" label. So a server could display "Classic, customized"

    "Players can now shoot while jumping." This really isn't a game-breaking change... or honestly all that useful from when I played around with it on the PTR... and yet it really does just *feel* really good. I really enjoyed being able to jump and fire at the same time. Oddly, I can now jump and shoot a bow (which I've never done in real life) but I can't sprint and shoot a bow (which I have done in real life, many times)

    "Increased the Light Radius of Spectral Light (Shaman) by 60%." and "Fixed Spectral Light (Shaman) to produce light as intended." So the tiny radius if light it produced was always a bug? Good to know. It always seemed really odd that during casting it gave out a reasonable amount of light, but as soon as casting was finished. Also, it'll be nice having something more than a microscopic area of light around you. Might make me reconsider banish again, particularly if we start to see more underground content.

    "Many creature-specific resources have been removed. Recipes that required these resources have been changed to reflect this." I'm simultaneously overjoyed and saddened by this. I really liked the creature parts, as it added some additional flavor to the game, but hated the way they were used. I'd love to see these brought back some day and used in some fashion. It'd be cool, as an example, to have some optional method of using them while making weapons and armor to specifically augment certain aspects or apply certain specific enhancements. Boar tusk might increase item durability, Allidon tendon might increase damage, that sort of thing. Makes it so you don't need specific items just to skillup your crafting, but makes them integral for getting the best possible equipment in the long-run.

    "Harvesting resources no longer rewards Sparks of Genius. Sparks can now be harvested from creatures. Different creature types have a higher chance of dropping specific spark types with increased payouts for Elite and Rare creatures." Still gindy, but feels a *lot* better than it previously did, and opens up a lot of options for it feeling even better as combat improves. Hunting Rocs is way more engaging than hitting rocks.

    Hoping that some of the other spawn changes also went to live. It was actually really nice to see increased numbers of some of the more dangerous creatures. Seeing more Ursa and Draak was nice as an example.

    "Yggdrasil’s leaves and faction sigil/score will now flash when spirits are deposited by that faction." I worry that staring at the tree may be an epilepsy inducing event sometimes?

  • Well I, for one, am enthusiastic about the fact it does seem the Devs have been listening. I can see several implemented changes that were suggested by people on these forums (including myself).

    Now, when does the patch go live?
  • The patch is now live.

    Game updates are reported in advance in the Server Status forum:
  • A couple of hours played last night in an Exploration Server and it's a nice option for people who wants to take it easy the game.

    Thanks for that Dev's, this weekend i'm going to play more and test all the new features.
  • Dev's, the Fatal Error crash at the main menu stills happened...I can't play.
  • @JotaCe Are you still encountering that crash? If so, could you send us a crash report to investigate?

  • @Scapes No crashes today, it seems is fixed. Thanks!
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