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Eu - Skysunder server has been down

edited November 2018 in Game Feedback
The server has been down since about 1 am central time last night. Me and 2 other friends spent HOURS on this server yesterday and now we can't even play on a server we dedicated all of this time to. It isn't an issues with my system as both of my friends can't connect. I like the game and would like to continue to play but this is the second server that this has happened to me on and i don't want to restart for a 3rd time...


  • This server is still down........... 2 days later it is getting to the point that i almost want a refund. I haven't commented on multiple forums, started my own forum, and I've written frostkeep emails about the issue. I haven't received any feedback what so ever. This is ridiculous. I enjoyed the game but if the servers are going to be constantly down i can't see myself playing much longer. I would have rather spend my money on something more reliable....
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