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Please lower the Viewdistance and LOD for LowSystems further

edited November 2018 in Game Feedback
Hi guys,

great game so far i really like it. The only annoying thing is that im only able to play the game fluent with my char looking at the ground. As soon as i look up and the distance is beeing renderd the fps drop a lot. My mashine meets the minimum requ. (2x2,5ghz, 4gb Ram) and all is set to low.

Please add further decrease option for the viewing distance or if possible post a console command to reduce it further. Thanks.

Ingame Rend is useing about 3,1 gb of my 4 gb RAM
So far i got some improvement by editing the GameUserSettings in the gamefolder manually changing some options but not in the way i would like to change it.
sg.ResolutionQuality=0.000000 <- this will make the graphic very pixellike but at least boots a little fps

Other options like setting down FrameRateLimit below 60 and ViewDistanceScale below 0,5 keeps getting overritten after joining a game

Kind regards
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