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Glitch: Teleportation inventory with pet v2

The glitch to teleporte the inventory from your pet is still possible.
Step by Step :
-Put all your stuff in the inventory of your pet.
-let yourself die (/stuck)
-respawn to where you want the stuff to appear
-interact with the personnal seed or the base tree
-Teleporte at the same place you are
-Tada, a little bag close to you is appear with everything you put in your pet inventory
-However your pet stay where you left him before to die

eazy and super usefull this is the perfect glitch to destroy the game by transportation all your gooddies instantly to your lovely safe place.
No more PK close to your main base, no more gift of thousand of thousand of those juicy spark.

Please Frostkeep fix this one cause the game is no more fun.

By the way to solve the pet taming t4 at t1 or t2 which increase dramatically the speed of your game. Once you tame a pet you tame it dead cause to have kill his bodie and tame is soul so the soul need a new bodie simple and logical.


  • Thanks for the detailed repro steps, we'll look into it!
  • You can also perform the pet inventory glitch by:

    1. Enter Turret Vehicle
    2. Summon Pet
    3. place all your inventory into pet
    4. while still in vehicle, press "z" to mount pet
    5. /stuck to die
    6. respawn wherever you have a seed
    7. pet bag is next to you with everything you put into pet- i believe pet stay behind though or auto dismisses
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