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"Weight of the World" ascension perks are no longer working for me.

"Weight of the World" ascension perks do not appear to be working on my new character on a new server.

I have 3/5 in "weight of the World" but it doesn't seem to be working. I only gain 1 additional weight capacity per level.

I would rate this a 3 on severity, since it makes the player feel like a potentially large amount of their ascension points are wasted.


  • FrumpylumpsFrumpylumps ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    Here are some screenshots showing how I gain a level yet only gain 1 bag weight despite 3/5 in "weight of the world".

    I also suspect that "Learned Survivor" isn't working properly for me either. I have 5 ranks in the skill and when I compaared the skill gains on it with a new character without any perks, the skill gains were near identical after 125 cooking crafts.

    These skills no longer work on the server I earned them on or on the server i transfer the perks to.
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