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Server Down at Reckoning time

Once again, reckoning time and can't join the server because is down, is in the server list, but don't show the Join button.

Those are the things that kill the game, 3 days trying to be ready for this time and can't play the reckoning. gg FK, i'm trying to be patient but you're filling my limit.


  • JotaCeJotaCe ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    24 hrs and still nothing... Dev's? anybody there? ...

  • Worldseer should now be accessible again, sorry for the wait!
  • Thank you Scapes, it works. =)

    Excuse my discomfort message but i was playing with a friend for 1 month in that server and the cycle is close to finish, so, the ascension points are worth.
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