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Yxen knockback.

Even getting touched slightly by a Yxen sends me flying further than my arrows can go. Like 150 meters flight thru the air every time. What are these Superhero mutant Yxen? Please fix, it's terribly unplayable when trying to get into highlands at this point.


  • I second this. I had a ram or yxen knock me so far the other day that I covered more than 3 times the width of that big round bottomless pit near the homeland control points. Thought for sure I was going to lose my corpse in the pit but I completely cleared it.

    I'm wondering if the knockback reduction values of armor maybe got inverted and are increasing knockback?
  • Had some fun times this weekend with Yxen's knocking me all over the highlands, they are currently knocking me further than rams currently are. I have also experienced knockback intermittently with wasps wolves and turtles much smaller but still out of the ordinary. Something is definitely changed recently.
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