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Will be flying creatures in the Rend?

I think, if the Devs put flying creatures (Dragons, Big Birds) to this game, that will be awesome, you can tame it and fly everywhere.


  • We already have "flying" animals, yxen, hammerskull, wolves  :# :#
  • I mean... while you're not wrong... I don't think that's what bates was talking about. :P

    FK has specifically said flying mounts will not be a thing. We might see some other flying creatures, but players mounting up and flying across the land won't be a thing.
  • If so, MAYBE at the end when the game is almost over it could be T5 research where we could have siege dragons.
  • I think when You fly up, and see this beautiful map, it will be awesome.
  • But I dont understand why? Darint said "flying across the land" is the most awesome thing in a game. Visit the other faction will be more easy, and these animals only can fly, not attack. For example the Stags cannot brings anything, they cannot attack, but they can run fast. So flying animals only can fly, they cannot attack or do anythings else, just fly.
  • Being you can't fully roof off your faction base this would be game breaking in sieges and even further lessen PVP than stags already do. While I agree being able to fly and see the map would be awesome it would break some of the main mechanics of the game.
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