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Rend Early Access Patch 4.1: Patch Notes



  • @Scapes or any other dev. Any word or explanation with the jump issues? I’ve tried to play myltiple times since the patch and end up raging out over bs deaths due to me not being able to jump over a pixel height. If it’s an issue with the frogs just say so and revert player jump and own the mistake. Otherwise please let us know what’s going on because I can’t justify spending time on the game if I’m unable to actually play the game and progress as needed
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    No bug fix for the constant evading /pathing issues of dino's when killing/taming them?

    Not only dino is bugged. Almost every creature is possible to evade if u dont kill it standing still on one place in not bugged zone. That makes creatures not even untameable, but even unfarmable...

    For me, if I am positioned any higher than about one person's height or above 1 wall height, such that I am shooting down at them, they will always flee (evade) when their health drops. My traps/taming pens are built so that I am at the same horizontal height as them. I usually build a 3x3 with railings and that very rarely let's them hit me if I stay in the middle.

    Well then the algorithm of evading really !@#$s :D will try to check this out.
  • Games nearly unplayable due to the changes to animal pathing and jumping being nerfed to the level of useless. Also, why would an animal disappear when trapped? Makes no sense, at least make it somewhat realistic.
  • I wondered why when a couple Yxen came after me at once and backed me to a hill I could not move at all and was just stomped to death. It was because every time I tried to jump I did not move at all. I have to agree about the jump patch being a complete failure and apparently untested.
  • p.s. The damage for Hardwood bows is still 58, but the damage number stated for the longbow variety (higher fire rate) is now 29. The fire goes from 0.7 to 0.6 as previously, but the damage does to 1/2!!!!!!!!
  • BigFig wrote: »
    p.s. The damage for Hardwood bows is still 58, but the damage number stated for the longbow variety (higher fire rate) is now 29. The fire goes from 0.7 to 0.6 as previously, but the damage does to 1/2!!!!!!!!
    yes they nerf it congratulations for reading the patch notes , did you check it's zoom in thing? you can see far away now
  • If you get booted by a ram or yxen, it counts as a long jump and you can't jump until you stand there for awhile.
  • Thank you for the jump patch. i like the scaling on the jump over time, it stops the bunny hopping pvp lag shooters, granted the only people affected will be those with the lowest ping and faster speeds it also stops double jumpers from scaling what should be an unclimbale wall to escape being killed. puts more focus on weapons, armor and ability to aim, granted it has made getting around a little harder in certain areas, that just means you have to be aware of where you are at in the scaling of jump height. If the jump issue is that much of an issue you can always change it to where it uses endurance, the more you jump the more endurance it uses and make it so you can't eat or drink anything other than basic nonbuffing food and water while moving thus stopping the spamming of pots and food to restore stamina. I think you guys are moving in the right direction with the patches, taming is a PAIN IN THE A## but only if you try to bug the tame with unbreakable terrain, buildings and such. i found the only thing i have a hard time taming are pets that run instead of turn and fight, rightly so, staggs are game changers and should be the hardest in the game to tame, even more than tier 4 pets withe exception going to the frog, that jump is just AWESOME, by far my favorite pet.
  • @OldmanPlague It is extremely difficult to even kill a stag solo because I run out of stamina and can't keep up even when I can sprint. I suppose if I just kept chasing I'd eventually drop 'em. Haven't even tried to overtake the taming decay while chasing low on stamina and getting chased by Lost.

  • every archetype has its advantages. the pathfinder ability to increase movement speed after 3 successive hits combined with tangle arrows is how to kill them. as for taming, takes 2 unless your lucky enough to get it trapped, 1 to tame and 1 to keep it tangled.. the latter is hard to accomplish, beginner bow does 1 more damage than the spirit bow, timing the shots to keep it snared enough for the tamer to tame without killing it before the successful tame is the tricky part.
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