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Celtic Warriors - Fresh Start Private Server

Calling out to all rend survivors from near and far!

Are you looking for a new place to hang out and have a bit of a laugh? then look no further! come and join us on the Celtic Warriors server:

~Celtic Warriors~ 5x Harvest/Exp 1.5x Research, Tree 150k, Stack Mod, 100k FUN!

We have been playing around with the server settings trying to get a nice balance with harvesting so you can craft with ease but ensure the research is not too fast so you can still enjoy steady progression. The tree has been increased to 150k so the game will last a little longer with three reckonings a week to keep things interesting and varied. We also have a discord channel for anyone who wants to join us.

The server has active admins to address any issues, but we try to keep a low profile when it comes to factions organising their own politics i.e. play style and team work is up to you! But any genuine griefing or abuse will be managed, otherwise we are all about having fun.

So a faction has become victorious and its time to let off some steam for 24hrs ready for the up and coming fresh start! The server will restart on the 8th Sept at around 20:30 GMT

Currently we have a nice small community from all over the world that have been getting along great and had a few good laughs together, but there is definitely room for more! We have also had a nice mix of farmers, crafters and pvp players, so whatever takes your fancy is all good. All we ask is that in the spirit of the game that everyone tries to work as a team, communicate well with each other and most importantly have FUN.

Hope to see some of you soon :o)

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