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(Intermittent) Authentication Ticket is Invalid - When Attempting to Join ANY Server

First issue - get popup when attempting to login after being disconnect results in the error/popup at server selection screen. This popup prevents joining a server as you normally would.

Second issue (related? or not) - when the popup no longer displays and I am able to join, character/mount is unable move when loaded into the server. After waiting for a few minutes, multiple game restarts and reloads in addition to using /stuck, the situation is still unresolved. Sadly, another case of lost gear and loot due to an in-game bug.

Neither of these issues were experienced prior to today's patch.


  • Same thing happening with me also.
  • i'm getting this as well.
  • dc'd from a server and cant relog with the same. Your authentication ticket is invalid
  • kicked from a server 2 and cant relog with the same mistake. Your authentication ticket is invalid.
  • Same here do we have any sulutions =)
  • Got same issue, no solution out there?
  • yep I have been playing this morning, just logged of for a bit then when I tried to log back in, had the authenticator invalid message
  • Yeah same here
  • same here
  • waited some time and works again of some reason
  • and got the error once again -.-
  • and again 2day :(
  • Any response to this issue? It's not happening on a regular basis, but it is interrupting gameplay and leaving characters stranded in game while we struggle to log back in. It's hard to replicate the issue as I don't even know what is causing it.
  • Yep and again this BS
  • here we go again =)
  • Same here, looks like its affecting ALOT of people since most of the servers are completely dead atm!
  • After multiple attempts to login by restarting rend, restarting steam, and restarting PC (and getting the same message), I decided to attempt a reinstall. Got the same error/popup for 5-10 minutes while trying to join.

    Finally, at random, the messages stopped and let me join the server... What gives?
  • The Issue has randomly gone away for me. However, our server is now down lol can't win.
  • pretty soon rend is gonna be a completely dead game after only a few weeks.... should've not put it in early release imo..... and yea i'm ticket invalid as well
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