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Rend Early Access Patch 3: Patch Notes



  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    That's awesome @Futschi! :)
  • Su Sinodan wrote: »
    Except "Otherworldy Flora" perk of Botany,
    It still gives +15 spirit capacity

    We'll be updating that tooltip, it no longer grants the capacity bonus as capacity has been removed.
  • I don't know if somebody already mention this, but, since patch 3, the skill from mysticim, Apothecary isn't working.
  • Scapes wrote: »
    Patch 3 introduces an overhaul of the spirit collection system and lots of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.
    Bug Fixes
    • Apothecary perk will no longer display a buff.

  • Rebalanced Structure health and armor values. In general, structure health and armor were scaling significantly faster than siege damage. To bring this back under control, the high level structure pieces have had their health slightly reduced and their armor significantly reduced.

    gg frostkeep.

    Last night, reckoning was a solo-one-side-war in the server that i'm playing, we're few players and ghosts are high level, 1 hit and bye-bye 3 rows of walls and all the iron spikes.

    Building walls in servers with few population are useless after this patch :s
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    I mean... that's actually the intention of the game I'm pretty certain. They're balancing around the idea that a faction will have a full 20 (or nearly so) online for reckoning. Expecting a few players to do the work of 20 isn't gonna work. :(

    I feel more like this highlights the need for fixes to server death. If this is a private, this may be an issue of needing to tweak the reckoning difficulty settings. I'm not certain what good solutions there are atm to this issue. :(
  • JotaCeJotaCe ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    @darinth in the game state, is it hard to find 20 online people, there are many empty servers, or servers that start with many people, and then leave, and now only 3 or 4 people is playing, so, what do we have to do? stop playing and don't wasting time to try to finish the cycle? spending time and resources building useless walls? be inside our own personal bases in reckoning time?

    The walls nerf was brutal and the raise cost of the T1 walls is too high. As i said before, thats was ok for super-active servers with high population, but, for the servers that do not have enough players is awful, so, what is the solution? let those servers dies and abandoned all that we already have to start from beginning in other server?

    Dev's needs to find the balance between the activity and population in the server and the reckoning difficulty (well, i'm ok with the difficulty but it's kind impossible to use walls T2 and T3 to maintain a few time the ghosts outside). Me and my teammate were ok with the armor and HP of the walls before, we face the horde of ghosts better, just him and me, we died many times, OK, but we contain more time the ghosts outside with the walls, now it's pointless to be there at reckoning time with just 3 or 4 people in a server that has 3 or 4 weeks age.

    I want to be clear, i also play in other server with more people and, although ghosts also knocked down most of the walls but with 9 or 10 people at reckoning time, we can play a little better but i'm trying to see all scenaries, in those servers that don't have many people.

    There must be a factor or numerical value that links the activity of the server or the research progress of each faction with the reckoning difficult and/or the walls HP/armor, otherwise, we will see many more servers empty or dead.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Right now, I feel like FK may need to consolidate servers in some fashion, but it's a bandaid to force more players together. Beyond that... I really feel like I don't have great solutions. I've made some suggestions to help keeps the teams balanced out, but there're still a lot of issues. It's not a singular problem that has a singular fix. People need incentive to stay on their current server, which means not feeling like they're wasting time.

    This could mean improvements to the gameplay itself to simply make it more enjoyable which would de-emphasize the win condition. If this happens, people might stick around and the server would at least stay active even if the final victor is a foregone conclusion.

    It might mean more catchup mechanics, to forcibly ensure that no faction can ever pull so far ahead that the victor is a foregone conclusion.

    I really wish I had a better idea on how to fix the problems. :(
  • Due to a lack of continuity in regards to the Saga having an end and not much reward or advantage to carry over to the next Saga, it's a very difficult problem to solve. Perhaps some means to unlock or steal research or assets at a greater rate may help, but I don't know if that helps or hurts the longer term health of the game or community. Not everyone gets a trophy, which is the whole point of the win condition and motivates the goal oriented players to win.
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