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Is pet rating too powerful an influence on the usability of a pet?

SaltychipmunkSaltychipmunk ✭✭✭
edited August 2018 in Game Feedback
Ok we all know this song and dance

"I have an 9XX stag that can run circles around the map in one stamina bar , breaks the sound barrier and can carry a ton of shit while doing it"

We all know the stories of high pet rating creatures having stats so absurdly high that finding anything less than perfection in terms of pet rating is seen as a waste of effort.

So the question is this : is that too extreme?

I ask this because in a dev stream the dev suggested that they will be nerfing stags hard. But honestly.. do sub pet rating level 400 stags really have impressive stats?

If we were too simply cut the carry weight of stags in half (just a number out of thin air for argument).. would a trash pet rating 200 starter pet .. even be able to carry a person ? we are talking about base carry weights below 150 with such numbers.

And sure when that 400 base carry weight abomination goes down to 200.. you can make that work by getting it to 400 reasonably fast but sub 150? oh lord that is going to feel horrible.

I worry that because of this extreme difference in stats between high and low tier pets .. that nerfing the pet in general to fix the high tier pets might ruin the low tier ones entirely.

Anyone else share this concern?


  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    I think that the problem is less that 'pat rating is too powerful' and more that pet rating is an exponential returns system, rather than a diminishing returns.

    That's a google doc that I put together. It currently details draak with pet ratings of 0, 100, 200, etc... up to 1000 and their stats at levels 1-5. The first number is stamina, the second health, the 3rd carry weight. What you'll notice is going from 0 to 100 only gives you 8 stamina, 5 health, and 10 weight at level 1. Going from 900 to 1000, on the other hand, gives you 50 stamina, 74 health, and 15 weight. Rather than a diminishing returns system, pet rating is an exponential returns system. A perfect 1000 rating pet gives you 1.625x stamina, 2.25x health, and 2x carry weight compared to a 0 pet rating. I don't have speed in there unfortunately, but I expect I'd find a similar set of numbers where the top 100 rating was worth far more than the bottom 100.

    I'd have expected to find a diminishing returns, which would mean that if I tame something with a 500 rating, I'd have gotten most of the benefit from pet rating (like 75% of the benefit as an example), but instead I'm seeing closer to about 25% of the benefit. This makes balance a nightmare. If they balance it against anything but the top pet rating, the top pet rating completely overwhelms the balancing. If they do balance against the top rating, you'd have to get around a 900 pet rating to actually get close to the numbers that they're using as their 'balance point'. You'd need over 700 to even get close to half of the benefit of pet rating.
  • Well no wonder stags are broken. That is hilariously fucked up.
  • That would actually explain quite a bit. I'm running with a 927 raptor right now that's usually faster than any stag under 600. 900+ stags still breeze by of course but it'd be great if they just flipped that system upside down. At high ratings you'd still expect to have a stronger pet but someone else's pet shouldn't have to be within 30 rating of yours to be competitive.
  • Yeah when taming a stag after a wipe, anything below 700 is a worthless stag used for medium leather/reagents to revive your future 700+
  • Also, the bear's pet attacks do nothing. Only useful for farming wood.
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