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Door griefer

On SA-Cloudcaller server we are 3 order players against 10+ conclave, me and my 2 friends still playing hard trying to keep up with research and spirits (we gonna lose, but the game is not about loosing, it's about fun).

Last friday and saturday we farmed a TON of stone and sunday we took turns online to get 4 outposts (prior of that conclave had 5 outposts) and wall them all. Remember that we are only 3 players, so we have to play anb plan extra hard to get 4 outposts up and walled in time to defend it.

Last night we all left after reckoning cause we need to rest. 6 hours later, around 10PM PST, one of the guys logged in, and there was a new player online on our faction, as usual, he ran to the outposts to get sparks, and, surprise, all the doors on all 4 outposts were open, and also all the turrets were empty of ammo. The new player logged out and didnt logged in again. We didn´t have a new player in a week.

We didn't quit despite been the losing faction, we fought our way to keep competitive, we defend our outposts, we attack their outposts, we played 200+ hours each of us. Hopefully my friend logged in before any shield came down, but it is frustrating to know that someone with extra 30 dollars can just log in, walk to the outpost and open the doors for his original faction get inside with no trouble at all.

I know that we can´t stop griefers to buying new accounts and logged in another factions to spy. The personal stash and elder chests help a lot with the stealing, but please, we need a solution for this, maybe reputation doors? I dont know.

Your game is amazing, and we believe it will grow and evolve a lot. But I feel like this is ruining the experience of a bunch of good players.

TL;DR conclave guy bought a new account, logged on order, openned all outposts doors and let turrets empty of ammo.


  • pp_dropp_dro
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    Ohh, just as I was writing this at work one of my friends told me that he logged in now and again, all doors of all outposts open, all turrets empty, but this time we lost the conclave-order byway.

    We are only 3 players against 10+, at least give us some reputation doors, I don't know, we need the outposts to try to keep up with the research. I dont mind loosing the outpost for a guy that crafted a bunch of bombs with his time and farm, even if it was an offline raid (frustrating but we all have to work), but this is just stupid. Please, we cant stay online 24/7, thats why we farmed so hard to build layers of walls.

    3 vs 10+ and the guy creates a character in out faction to open doors. Thats sad.

    edit: as someone on reddit said, automatically closing doors would help the door problem.
  • And last night, another outpost lost when we were eating. Same character logged in and all doors were openned and ammo gone. We managed to get one outpost back the way it should be, breaking walls. We had to block all doors with structures, so the guy can't teleport inside the outpost and open the doors, but we also can't get inside to defend from the top of the wall.

    We are not putting ammo on turrets anymore, its useless, guy just teleport in, go to the turrets and trash all the ammo.

    We were thinking about a solution for the door problem, and the best way we found was to change doors to shields, this way they still have the same HP and Armor, still can be broken as doors, you can't shoot through them but the only ones that can walk through this doors are faction members, so the door griefing is 100% solved.

    Turret ammo problem could be solved if only the person who put the ammo in could take it out, but I'm not sure if it's possible.

    Server: SA-Cloudcaller
    Order character opening doors: Boricua
  • outcast him?
  • To the Pit of Misery! Dilly,dilly!

    Outcast him.
  • Its just a waste of time right now to wall up outposts. Turrets are also a joke. As an assasin you can doublejump inside from trees or siege towers(yes even if the walls are 4 story high).
    We have a homeland outpost with at least 12 turrets. We lost it with the walls intact. We took it back also very easy. You just need 2 guys that are inside, one of them tanks the turrets(that do almost no damage) and the other one taps the outpost. No bombs needed.
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    PP_Dro had a griefer and made some fictitious story about the other faction to justify himself. Yes I see the problem stated that anyone with 30 dollars can make duplicate accounts, however most, like myself can not afford such luxuries. There is alot of misinformation in his post here and on reddit to make himself and his friends seem good, when in fact that wasn't the case at all. He failed to mention his friends in the other faction that open doors for them and gave them faction resources, along with information on which personal bases to hit for gear and resources. The faction had a greifer and blames other faction for his misfortune. We just took advantage of that misfortune to end the saga because we did not want to listen to his whining anymore. Also the amount of players was also wrong. 4-6 active players in conclave at the time. It was only 10+ for the first part of the initial week and they also had 10+. They had 4-5 active players as well and in the final days before reset 3-4.
    pp_dro wrote: »
    On SA-Cloudcaller server we are 3 order players against 10+ conclave
    TL;DR conclave guy bought a new account, logged on order, openned all outposts doors and let turrets empty of ammo.

    Edit: Also to add there are SS and videos of these behaviors from him and his clan.
  • I can't imagine how pathetic someone must be to do this crap.
  • I cant really understand them to do what they do. Reset server same thing different faction... Exploiting and elder abuse :-1:
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