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Elder gone rogue

Decides to destroy personal stash and a couple dropboxes we had set up in our faction base, and then proceeds to call one of our clanmates an autistic person(not realizing that the person has an autistic child) and then keeps going around destroying things he shouldnt have access to, and only has access to them because he is an elder.


  • Sadly, Elder generally seems to go to the first people on a server. It's a bad system if you ask me. People fight and dictate who does what.
    Their should be a better system. A way to remove a elder or their position.
    But I agree some people are very toxic, especially if they are a Elder. They seem to think that gives them the power and authority to tell others what to do, how to play, and insult them. People attacking someone and insulting like this is insulting and demeaning, and hurts the game. But these kids think its funny and don't even see the harm in it. But as soon as you attack someone's sexual preference, all hell breaks loose. You would think that a genocide just happened.
    I have a few friends with autistic children, and all sorts of ends of the spectrum. So yea its disturbing to here these types of comments. I mean who in their right mind would hurt a child like this by calling them names or making fun of their condition?
    People with disabilities, and those that take care of them are effected tremendously by it. People that sit their and insult and attack people with disability are the lowest for of scum if you ask me.
  • FrumpylumpsFrumpylumps ✭✭
    edited September 2018
    You only need a 60% majority to outcast someone. If he is becoming a real problem then you have the tools to deal with him.

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