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Doomspear Elder abuse

edited August 2018 in Support
Will the elder abuse on Doomspear be fixed? Conclave faction is worried that if we rebuild, the elder (Machiavelli) may come back and destroy all the walls, foundations and dump all the inventories to despawn everything again. Should we just let the other factions come gather the spirits from our tree so we can get a server reset?


  • You can right click his name in game and report abuse, the devs from at least our servers problem with a greifer seem to be swift at banning the greifers.
  • Did that the first day, he came back the next day and weakened foundations and wall to 25 health. Also destroyed inner walls and foundations that we rebuilt. Nothing was done after reporting twice. Now we believe he made an alt and joined Revenant on the same server.
  • So he's come back for the third day in row. I thought something would have been done by now?
  • stop using forums dude, go to support and email the devs directly. [email protected]
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    Why has he not been outcast? I don't believe elders are immune to that system.
  • Because one elder is his friend and the other quit.
  • DarinthDarinth ✭✭✭
    I guess I'll go ahead and admit that at this point... I question the accuracy of what you're saying. There are 3 elders. 2 of them are working their asses off to maintain their elder status while griefing the faction (Elder status is the 3 highest rep people in the faction, so they're working hard to stay ahead of everyone else) and the 3rd one quit. It's an extreme situation, enough so that it seems a little unlikely.

    With that said, there's still an in-game solution. Work as a faction to get someone into that vacant elder position. Outcast the other two. If they're griefers, you won't have any issue outcasting them. It's not ideal, I'll agree, but this is a really extreme situation.
  • Everyone quit and server was restarted, so guess it doesn't matter now. Since our walls were jacked and we were basically reset on defense, the other factions ran through us and took spirits. not a lot we could do since all weapons and armor were dumped.
  • My statements are in fact accurate, no need to "question the accuracy" of them.
  • An Elder that doesn't log in for two days or so loses his elder status so someone else should be the third elder.
  • Its 5 days and that one can log in and out at anytime during that timeframe and retain status.
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