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[COMPLETE] Server Instability and Latency: August 15



  • 12:00 PM PDT

    We're working with our server provider to determine the cause of the instability on a few of our official servers. The following servers have been moved to new hardware and we're monitoring their performance:
    • Bloodhunter
    • Ravager
    • Skyfall
    • Thundermane
    • Thunderborne
    • Windmane

    Our engineers are focused on getting these servers stabilized. Thanks for your patience in the interim!
  • RocSekRocSek
    edited August 2018
    NAE Mournwulf is experiencing 3 to 7 second lag spikes every so often felt by all in game. We are not listed on this list. This has been happening since the other night when you guys updated hardware. Was fine before that night
  • Ravager is back up (yay) but still gets a bit laggy (ever since last patch/move of hardware there's been weird issues, creatures seem to be affected in a weird way and not performing well when aggrod - they often run somewhere in a straight line or start attacking plants and vegetation close to them instead of you)

    I think those issues are connected to the sadly still ongoing lag problem.
    How do you kill that which has no life ?
  • 8:00 PM PDT

    We suspect the instability was due to bad sectors on the hardware these servers were situated on. The servers have since been moved to new hardware and we're continuing to monitor for crashes and delisting.
  • If your server provider takes more than a few hours to figure out the issue get a new one.
  • Bloodforge NA which is not listed is getting worse and worse so it's basically not a few servers from what people are saying. So it must be a server provider who can't provide proper support for the servers.
  • NA worldsfall is having so much trouble with lag. We have lost so much people because of all the teleporting around and falling into acid , endless pits , just fall damage overall or getting kicked out from the server.
  • InfiniteInfinite
    edited August 2018
    It's not just the lag either, it's constantly and randomly getting kicked from the server at the most inopportune times. It's nice when you're in the middle of nowhere and get booted... consistently log back in and have to wander around to find your corpse because your character keeps going whichever direction you were headed when you disconnected... The stacks... so many stacks lost due to this issue...

    Don't forget about the doorway glitching either... sometimes takes 10 tries to even get through a door way because the game thinks the door is opened the opposite direction than it actually is... (Either don't get too close to the doorway before crossing the threshold or just close and reopen the door to get through it.)
  • As of last night, Doomspear and Worldsfall were both having issues. People getting dc'd and teleporting around. Thought it was me, so I went to an unofficial server, no lag, no disconnects, no problems.
  • EU-Goldfang is also having issues with constant dc's and queue issues
  • NA East Mournwulf is having some significant 15-30 second long lag spikes every 15 minutes or so.
  • ZeropGZeropG
    edited August 2018
    Day is fine, Night is Laggy as F**k.. doesnt matter which ServerdmGh0N8.jpg

    Of course now somebody wanna type... stop ur download the 3rd Application in the BG..... there is none only Discord.
  • Wargpack NA E has severe problems with lag and kicks.
  • Wargpack NA E has severe problems with lag and kicks.
    Sometimes with up to 30 seconds of latency. Many of us have lost items, or bodies because of it. This one is by far the worst I've seen from all the servers I have played.
  • Eu-servers whent down just now.
    Whats up?
  • Clubbe wrote: »
    Eu-servers whent down just now.
    Whats up?

    An Update. Like 336 Mb.
  • Thunderborne was still very laggy and it dc'd a lot, now it's completely down for at least an hour since I tried to get on. Any news on that?
  • i heard it's been down for 12+ hours. Any chance NA East Thunderborne will get fixed before the reckoning at 8 est today?
  • Any news on NA East Thunderborne? It's a little unreasonable that it's been over 24 hours of being down now.
  • Server stability and latency are really serious issues and must be resolved. For an Alpha stage game you're product is really good with some amazing potential, but that potential cannot progress with the infrastructure challenges you're facing. You can work on several aspects of the game at once, but I think you need to put the stability and latency at the very top.
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