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[COMPLETE] Server Instability and Latency: August 15

8:00 PM PDT

We suspect the instability was due to bad sectors on the hardware these servers were situated on. The servers have since been moved to new hardware and we're continuing to monitor for crashes and delisting.

12:00 PM PDT

We're working with our server provider to determine the cause of the instability on a few of our official servers. The following servers have been moved to new hardware and we're monitoring their performance:
  • Bloodhunter
  • Ravager
  • Skyfall
  • Thundermane
  • Thunderborne
  • Windmane

Our engineers are focused on getting these servers stabilized. Thanks for your patience in the interim!


Early Access warriors,

We're monitoring increased instability on a few official servers including Thunderborne, Bloodhunter, Skyfall, Jotunskull, and Windmane and high latency on Doomspear, Vanirbreaker, Ravager, Duskhowl, and Broken Beak. While some of these were a state that made them not appear in the server list overnight after changing hardware, we're continuing to see login and connectivity issues.

Our engineers are looking into the cause, sorry for the wait!


  • Can you also have a look at NA East - Doomspear. Constant dc's and random server restarts
  • Bloodhunter was awful for the past 2 days...
  • if the server cannot be fixed will we get at least get the chance to move to a different server? (carrying over the xp)
  • Updated to include more servers showing instability or latency issues.
  • Can you have a look at NA East Worldsfall. The server seems very unstable ever since the move. Lag spiking and dc's overall lag.
  • EU Ravage more down than up :(
    How do you kill that which has no life ?
  • EU Bloodhunter Down ATM completly
  • What about Eu bloodhunter again ? Still not possible to play since 2day for now it's boring :/
  • Bloodforge NA is quickly becoming unplayable also if you can look into that also ty
  • Same for EU - Jotunspear
  • EU Hearthlight... 20 Players stop playing because of the Lags since the last Patch, gj
  • REND already Histroy... Server Shut Down without any Anouncement ????
  • Worldsfall is having terrible lag spikes, people are getting kick from the server at terrible times and dying.. Please fix this issue before everyone quits the game :(
  • I just wanted to let you know, that the server bloddhunter is again down ;)
    11 a.m!!!!
  • Been saying this a lot but : For all those unstable servers in the past few days, wouldnt it be easier to just give the players the ascencion points they earrned in the past week, close those servers for good or untill they get stable, and let the people play the game on another server that is more stable?
  • KiefKief
    edited August 2018
    Is it a particular provider? How do those servers differ from the rest of them?

    If performance is going to vary so wildly server fps should be on the server select screen, I was on one of those servers and the constant stream of people disconnecting made it hard to co-ordinate and got a lot of people killed.

    The balance changes are nice, especially a fan of the increased swing speed of the sledge.
  • serveur bloodhunter off =p
  • I believe EU - Skyfall should be investigated for instability, been going up and down for days + mostly lagging while its up
  • Please push the export/import function for different servers. Ravager is down and when it isnt down, it's dead. PepeHands
  • Yu are killing slower and slower your own game.

    RIP Bloodhunter Server 24+ down, and the days before server lag, stuttering, dc...
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