The official Rend servers are online. Please share your game feedback and bug reports with us!

Announcing Rend Alpha



  • I justed watched you guys being at the Rocketbeans and present the game, it already looks Smooth. Realy looking forw
  • Very excited for this game. Have loads of friends that would be happy to jump onto this. Not sure if it has been thought of yet or not but a straight up hoard survival mode would be awesome for a team of 10 or so. Also, in the trailer on steam when they walk through the portal into the foggy area, i believe an amazing game mode would be to have to run through there to checkpoints and then survive for x amount of time, rinse repeat until a big boss battle or something. Hyped for this game!

  • Wish it'll be not too long before getting to the alpha i just registered it seems too be a great game and i want to be part of it. wish you all good luck for the waves of inscription.

  • The game looks amazing hope to get an invite to the alpha
  • Hi!

    Saw this game in YouTube this morning and was enthralled instantly and felt "I need this in my life." I signed up för the alpha as soon as I saw the possibility. I would love to be included in the alpha and try to help give feedback for this amazing looking game. 

  • @CombatJesus are you brotherhood
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    @Jackroyal - I noticed this game this morning, I'm not sure what Brotherhood is/means in this context . :/
  • I have had this game on my wishlist for so long, cannot wait to receive the alpha key!
  • Looking forward to this! Love fact your Ex Blizzard Devs :) Super pumped!
  • Tranq wrote: »
    Looking forward to this! Love fact your Ex Blizzard Devs :) Super pumped!

    This is one of the reasons I'm excited about this game.

    I test things. Even this Signature was tested.

  • NailysNailys
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    Scapes wrote: »
    @Meeeeeeeks said:
    Just signed up for the alpha today, any plan for future invites?

    Yes, we'll have many more invite waves to come and everyone who signs up will get into Alpha.

    Nice, i'll be waiting for it :smile:

    Is there any date on the calendar?
  • NailysNailys
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    Scapes wrote: »
    @Nailys said:
    i subcribed for rend since march 2017, now seems like i would have to subscribe again to be a part of the testing right? anyway i did it. :smile:

    No, if you registered for Alpha on the previous website, you do not need to register again.

    Fantastic, I'll be waiting for that.
  • Checking my inbox everyday for the invite. I need it! 😊
  • @CombatJesus I'm paranoid about it... I check multiple time lol..
  • Does anyone know when new invites will be sent? Dying to play this.😢
  • @Scapes Im tired of pubg and no-goal Survival games. Any news of new alpha invites to Rend?
  • Frostkeep has said they will send out as they have need. Right now there are only a handful of servers running and it could be really easy to overpopulate them.

    I test things. Even this Signature was tested.

  • Yeah gogo !
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