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Alpha Roadmap: Control Points

Rend’s first Alpha roadmap feature is Control Points, a set of nine ancient relics that can be captured by factions for tactical advantages. Introduced in this week’s game update, they grant valuable rewards that can sway the balance of power for the faction that holds them: a bounty of experience points, faction reputation, and loot drops when captured as well as a steady source of spirits, research sparks, and the chance for artifact items while held. Owning these Control Points could be the difference between losing a cycle or beating the other factions, proving your worthiness to the gods, and ascending victorious to Valhalla.

Let’s highlight how Control Points can make or break a faction!




  • This is very interesting, can't really compare this feature with any other survival game I've played so its great to see you guys have new a fresh ideas to keep the server fun and competitive. I hope I can get into testing soon.

    Keep innovating!
  • This is very interesting, nothing that I have seen in other survival games. Its great to see you guys have fresh and unique ideas to keep the player base entertained and competitive. Hope I can get an invite soon and check it out.

    Keep pushing the survival genre forward!
  • Other than being signed up, is there any other way to help get picked or is it all just chance?
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