The Rend Early Access servers are online. Please share your game feedback and bug reports with us!

[COMPLETE] Official Servers Rolling Restarts: August 12 @ 7:15 PM (UTC-7)

Rend Early Access warriors, we must briefly interrupt your battles!

The official servers will be briefly down for rolling restarts beginning at 7:15 PM PDT (UTC-7). The restarts are so we can hotfix the servers with an update that fixes a consumable that was exponentially more powerful than intended. We are also going to rollback Dragonroot (RUS) by 12 hours due to abuses of this item.

Thanks for your patience and for supporting Rend!


  • your restart of servers destroyed our full base on yiggdrasil. no one logged in on time for reckoning to defend, and when peopel got in, bases were wiped clean. gg
  • ye, looks like server gonna die without rollback to pre reckoning.
  • Z-LightZ-Light
    edited August 2018
    Roll back the Rus-Crownthorne server for 8 hours from the time of publication. Because of the bug 1 faction completely cleared the territory of 2 other factions and captured the posts. Now playing on the server is useless,since the 2 factions completely lost their resources,which were collected weekly. In the tab discussions inactive status of the server,so I write in General,I hope you'll see.
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