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Adding a way to reset skills.

I would like to see a way to reset skills for class choices. Whether via admin or a potion like in ARK or Conan. I have made several skill choices and seen them turn out to be VERY bad skills but NO way to revert that option. So i have wase many hours on nothing. Just a simple command would do it.


  • Yes, this is definitely a must-have. Wasted hours of gaming, to see that my choices were bad. Now I am not willing to restart the whole progress an quit the game like many others until there is a way to reskill my char.
  • +1
  • +1

    and Ascension Points

    At least let us be able to work to do it, like crafting some item to allow redistribution of points.
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    You'll be pleased to hear we're exploring the tech required for archetype skill respeccing. We don't currently plan to allow for archetype switching,

    Similarly, Ascension Points are intended to be carefully-chosen account-wide buffs (and some Perks can't be easily ungranted in a user-friendly/clean manner). Given that the rate they're earned doesn't curve, it's relatively easy to change directions after AP has already been spent.
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