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Bad framerate

I have had non stop bad framerate since I got the game on August 3rd.
My framerate has been around 10 - 25 fps. It's never even hit 30fps for me.

I have tried putting -sm4 in the launch options, it solves nothing.

My specs:
AMD FX 8350 @4Ghz
AMD R9 380 2GB
16GB Ram
Win 10 64bit

I surly can't be the only one with horrible framerate problems.


  • Actually they mentioned an issue with AMD Cards, I'm on a 1030ti and I get 60 fps all the time. There was a section in the forums where they were asking for more info from AMD users, maybe you can help them out with that and they can find a fix for your framerate issues?
  • I think it may also be to do with the FX 8350. I have the same cpu, it's capping out randomly and stutters at 5-20 fps for short periods before slowly ramping back to 50-60 fps. This is using a 960 4gb card. Which, is actually better than a 1030 and your saying you hit 60 FPS?
  • Bump.... Still horrid FPS after all this time. Fix the game.
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