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[COMPLETE] Draugrbane (NA-West) and Yggdrasil (NA-West) Starting New Sagas

We're closely monitoring servers that have seen single factions dominate the fight for ascension and have identified two servers that have reached a "draw" state.

As such, after conferring with the elders on each server, we're starting a new saga on Draugrbane (NA-West) and Yggdrasil (NA-West) this evening.

We'll continue to track how servers are doing moving forward but upcoming anti-snowball mechanics we're introducing in Patch 3, our next major game update, should prevent draws from occurring.


  • Please check NA West Wayfarer as well.

    Order (of which I am currently an elder) has over 70k spirits, with both other factions in the 10-15k range. In the last Reckoning, both opposing factions agreed to open their bases to us to speed up the end of the saga. This was after leveling their faction bases in the prior Reckoning. With no competition, server population is down from near max numbers to generally 1-5 total.

    If nothing else, I'm glad to hear that this problem is being monitored and addressed.
  • Same goes for EU Ravager. I don't know about Order, haven't seen anyone online there the last few days but conclave is so far behind revenants it's not funny any more. I liked the community we had while we had it but I think it's only been 2 other players, me and a few newcomers that have played for conclave the past weekend.
  • If this is true then you should probably revisit talking with the Yggdrasil elders since your "emergency patch" was minutes before a reckoning and then it took forever to download... leaving 2/3 factions bases completely unguarded since no one could log on. From what I understand one of the factions got a few people on but they are now ages ahead since they do not need to rebuild their base from the beginning. The timing of this patch was atrocious. You now have the problem that we have been working like mad to rebuild and gather to fix our bases. I have yet to see any word from the devs about how they are going to remedy this problem. We have all gained a large amount of exp, materials, and been able to re position crafting areas. Your delay in response to this is whats killing our respect for you now. Ya'll made a mistake. You could have forseen that it was close to reckoning time and postponed/canceled reckonings on the servers it would affect. I know that some people have just said screw it and left the server. Y'all just reset Ygg on Friday... and screwed it up again by Sunday night.
  • Bladespeaker also got pretty much abandoned, order got to much of a headstart and there´s no competition now. Conclave which tried to pose a token oposition got its base completely razed.
  • Is this why you guys patched the servers last night, 15 minutes before the reckoning started? My patch didn't even kick off until 5 min til the reckoning and for some reason your 25MB patch took 10 min to pre-allocate space(seriously?) and then 5 seconds to download, another 5 min for steam to realize the 25MB was already done and then another 10 minutes to update.

    2/3 factions bases were completely destroyed, as in the hunter lodge etc had to be rebuilt from scratch. There was absolutely no point in continuing on the server, I feel like this shouldn't happen on official servers. There are enough varying reckoning date/times that these updates can be staggered or the reckonings can be postponed.
  • Please consider starting a new saga on Meadhearth too. We are all just waiting for the last few Revenant players to finish grinding out spirits. Player count is practically nothing at most hours.
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