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Level Cap?

Is there a level cap in Rend?


  • I'm not sure. I think you can only max one class (say, you started with warlord and levelled until you got the ultimate, then you added pathfinder, you can level that too but not take the ultimate).

    Do levels get you other benefits besides more skillpoints? Do they increase hitpoints or stamina or energy or something?
  • No level cap but the curve to level past 50 is like a wall and only dedicated people are going to get to 50 atm. After 46hrs im only lvl25.

    Every class gets passives, assassin gets an increase to crit damage per level i think, warlord gets a carry bonus, not sure what others get as its hidden atm like most of the stats in the game.
  • hey, i'm already over lvl 50... the exp u need is slightly more but not soo much .. i can make every day like 4 -5 levels if i want. Just put all the sparks in the personal stash until the end of the day, use a exp potion, dont forget to spawn ur pet and put all the sparks at once in the research. My construction level is already 54 ;) ... official Server "Hearthlight" since EA starts
  • No level cap, but you can only take 97 points in talent trees.
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