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Name the Rare Creatures in Rend

Rend Early Access is one week old! To celebrate (and to prepare for an upcoming game update), we're inviting the Rend community to help us name the rare spawn versions of the following creatures found across Rend! Rare spawns are bigger and meaner than their normal spawn counterparts and some even have special abilities.

Check out the list and sample images below, think up imaginative and fear-inducing names, and share them with us in this survey! We're asking for email addresses and Rend forum or Discord names so we can attribute the winning names to the right players and send out a little token of thanks to them.




  • @Scapes when are they coming those rare spawn? or its already in the game ?
  • I think we can all agree that the spider one should be called..
    *Samuel L Jackson voice* "Oh HELL NO!"
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